Director's Corner
Director's Corner

You, our valuable clients,  are warmly welcome and deeply thanked for taking time to visit the official website of the Regional Office of the Department of Labor and Employment in the Cordillera Administrative Region (DOLE-CAR).

 As  information on employment and other programs of the Department  is key to creating equal opportunities  and realizing the dream of a decent work  and a decent wage for all,  this website of DOLE-CAR was set up in order to bridge and bring closer to people the employment and livelihood  programs of DOLE and to educate the public on labor laws and policies  that guarantees basic rights  of both employers and workers and thereby  maintain industrial peace.

 As this initiative  breaks technological divide and afford all Filipinos equal access to employment and other labor-related information, this website is likewise an anti-corruption & anti-red tape measure  and  a necessary requisite in our pursuit of instituting an honest, transparent and citizen-centric public service.

 To help us consistently achieve quality programs and pursue  genuine reforms in public service, constructive feedback and comments are encouraged.

 Together, let us harness our energies and maximize the resources of the region in aiming for high productivity, globally competitive human resources, and excellence in public service as essential  precursors of inclusive growth and sustained development in the region.

 Let employment  be a shared and collective responsibility of all  and maximize its potential as  the best social program  that can transform million Cordilleran lives.


Director's Corner
Dir. Nathaniel V. Lacambra, CESO III
Welcome to the official home page of the DOLE-CAR
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