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BAGUIO CITY  – Some three hundred fifty students were chosen by the city’s Public Employment and Services office (PESO) as recipients of this year’s Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES), a joint project of the local government and the labor department.

Mr. Jose L. Atanacio, Baguio PESO manager and Executive Assistant IV of the City Mayor’s Office, said his office will be finalizing the list of the SPES beneficiaries this year and the final list will be posted in three conspicuous areas inside the city hall for the information of those who had been chosen to have a summer job in the city.

“ Of the 350 SPES beneficiaries this year, 114 were first availants of the program while the remaining 235 slots were either second, third or fourth availants.” The PESO Manager added.

He also said the first batch of SPES beneficiaries will start working with the concerned offices of the local government and other private establishments from April 24 to June 5 while the second batch of beneficiaries will work from June 13 to July 25.

Based on data obtained from the PESO, there were 540 students who registered for the program but only 509 individuals were able to take the qualifying examination.

Of those who took the prescribed examination, administered by the representatives from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), 115 passed hurdling the passing mark of 65 percent.

Further, there were 282 SPES babies but there were only 205 SPES babies who were able to attend the required orientation.

The PESO official added interested SPES applicants must always check the bulletin board of their office for notification of the scheduled filing of applications for the SPES in the future so that they will not be overtaken by events when the scheduled submission of applications will be opened to the public.

Meanwhile, DOLE-CAR OIC Regional Director Exequiel Ronie A. Guzman said under the prescribed SPES rules and regulations, 60 percent of the salaries of the SPES workers will be provided by the local government while the remaining 40 percent will be given by the labor department in terms of education vouchers directly paid to the school where the students are enrolled.

“SPES is one of the Department of Labor and Employment’s youth employment-bridging programs which aims to provide beneficiaries with short-term job opportunities during summer and/or Christmas vacation or any time of the year to help them continue their education in any secondary, tertiary, or technical-vocational institution.” Guzman added.

He also stressed that through the amended SPES law, the age qualification of applicants has been raised from 15 to 25 years old to 15 to 30 years old, at the time of application.

The program has also expanded its reach by targeting not only the poor but deserving students, but also the out-of-school youth, or those who are not enrolled in a formal educational or training institution; and dependents, whether student or out-of-school youth, of displaced or would-be displaced workers due to business closures, work stoppages, or natural calamities.

“Another amendment in the SPES law is the extended period of employment. From the previous 20 to 52 days, SPES beneficiaries may now be employed from 20 to 78 days; except during Christmas vacation when employment is from 10 to 15 days only.” The Director added.

Guzman also said the services rendered during the period of employment relevant and related to the course of the beneficiary may have equivalent academic and practicum or on-the-job training credits as may be determined by appropriate government agencies; while the period of employment of SPES beneficiaries who were eventually hired as employees by the same employer shall form part of their probationary period.

As to remuneration, 60 percent of the salary of student beneficiaries is paid by employers (private or public) in cash while the remaining 40 percent is shouldered by the government, to be paid also in cash.

END/Patrick Rillorta with reports from PESO Baguio




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