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Baguio City - The Department of Labor and Employment-Cordillera Administrative region (DOLE-CAR) conducted an earthquake drill on July 14, 2017 in coordination with the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) and the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) to heighten the level of preparedness of DOLE-CAR employees during an earthquake.

DOLE-CAR Regional Director Exequiel Ronie Guzman said the drill is also meant to assess the capacity level of the office and the community in the eventuality of disasters and emergencies. “An integral part of this exercise is to discuss with the DOLE-CAR employees and the clients safety precautions and other must-know measures about earthquakes,” he added.

The activity was conducted on the same day and time as the Baguio City Hall offices and other regional line offices simultaneous earthquake drill. All DOLE attached agencies participated in these earthquake preparedness activities including the Field Offices of DOLE-CAR in the provinces.

“It is important that everyone is aware and knowledgeable on what to do and what not to do during a disaster [earthquake] like this,” Guzman explained.

The drill started with a 1-minute alarm that indicates earthquake or shaking. While the alarm is ongoing, everyone should do “duck, cover and hold” until the “shaking” stops. They will then be asked to proceed to a designated evacuation area.

The activity was initiated as part of the regional offices’ preparedness drill because of recent earthquakes and calamities experienced by the region. “We have experienced earthquakes of these past couple of months, thus the need to heed to government’s call to “prepare for the big one”. Guzman added.

OCD-CAR Earthquake and Fire Drill Training Officers Guadaliva Panitio and Frankie Cortez and Engineer Jose Gamad, Jr., DOLE-Baguio Benguet Field Office Safety Officer led the drill and orientation. The DOLE regional and field offices are committed to hold regular or similar disaster preparedness drills at the wake of unforeseen earthquakes and other calamities. /Patrick T Rillorta.

Dir.Exequiel Guzman
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