Invitation To Bid
Invitation to bid for the year 2017
Title Date
Lease of venue/property for conduct of LLCO orientation2017-11-04
Lease of Property for the conduct of K12 AMP orientation2017-10-28
Lease of venue for conduct of WODP training2017-10-19
Procurement of various materials for livelihood assistance to individuals2017-10-19
Procurement of various tires for service vehicles2017-10-19
Procurement of SRS Jackets2017-10-09
Procurement of ICT Equipment for Productivity and implementation of OURS2017-09-26
Procurement of Animal Feeds for OFWs2017-09-21
Procurement of venue for RCAC seminar inclusive of meals and snacks2017-09-20
Procurement of catering services and promotional materials for PESO & PEIS meeting and NSRP2017-09-15
Procurement of catering services & venue for conduct of ISO related training2017-08-29
Lease of venue for various trainings and catering services(philjobnet,PEIS, DO174 etc)2017-08-25
Procurement of various equipment for livelihood project of Zimigi-Ziwanan MPC2017-08-25
Procurement materials and equipment for organic farming2017-08-04
Procurement of Trainer/consultant to conduct trainings re: ISO 9001:2015 transition2017-08-04
Procurement of Manpower service provider for NSRP project based personnel2017-08-04
Procurement of Agricultural animals & other Agricultural Products2017-07-31
Procurement of manpower service for provision of manpower under K12 program2017-07-31
Procurement of IT gadgets for Returnees OFW Teachers2017-07-21
Procurement of materials & equipment for Honey production2017-07-19
Procurement of Printer Ink & Toner and IT peripherals2017-07-12
Procurement of Piglets & animal feeds2017-07-04
Procurement of ITC Equipment for implementation of Online Union Regist system2017-06-22
catering services on Kalayaan Job Fair2017-06-06
Lease of venue for staff development & hire of one (1) unit bus2017-06-05
Printing of Assessment Forms and Blank Certificates2017-06-02
Procurement of various grocery items for OFW beneficiaries2017-05-18
Procurement of Security Services2017-05-03
Lease of venue for Bureau's Cap Blg Trng for BEST,LMI,PESO & SPES IRR on May 9-12, 2017 in Baguio 2017-05-03
Procurement of Janitorial Services2017-05-03
Procurement of gardening facilities for Ahin Farmers Orgn2017-05-02
Dir.Exequiel Guzman
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