Ms. Luis (R) taking her oath of office before the staff of FNLGHTC

One of the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is a barren demand for professional employment which has closed the doors of jobs and homes for many. Nevertheless, this has also afforded opportunities which was how the story of Roselyne D. Luis of Tumog, Luna, Apayao unfolded.

Roselyne graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at the Apayao State College, Luna Campus. After passing her Licensure Examination Examinations (LET) for Teachers in 2015, she stayed with her husband and son in Luna, Apayao.

Ms. Luis was recommended as a substitute teacher at the DepEd Apayao Division Office and worked for eight months. Unfortunately, her application for a permanent position did not fare successfully. Roselyne mentioned her difficulty and pressure of landing a job despite her finishing college and passing her board examination, especially when the pandemic started.

Despite the challenges and hindrances, Ms. Luis endeavored to strive climbing and was given a lifeline through the Department of Labor and Employment’s Government Internship Program (GIP).

Her internship program at the DOLE Apayao Field Office (DOLE-AFO) lasted for a month and opened her career to other employment opportunities.

Her work experience as an intern at the DOLE Apayao Field Office propelled her qualifications at the Far North Luzon General Hospital and Training Center (FNLGHTC), where she was subsequently accepted.

At the peak of the pandemic and during her stay at the FNLGHTC, she was assigned at the Infection Prevention and Control Office (IPCO) where she experienced first-hand the challenges of being a frontline personnel.

Aside from the obvious health risks, Roselyne also battled social and emotional fatigue as she was permitted to return home only every after two weeks to avoid the possible spread of the virus.

Motivation coupled with the right mix of determination and perseverance served as the pillars of her excellent work performance, which bolstered her application for a regular position at the FNLGHTC. Her experience at the DepEd Apayao and her internship at DOLE Apayao cemented her qualification for a permanent position in the hospital.

When Roselyne was appointed as a permanent employee at the Administrative Office of the FNLGHTC on December 01, 2022, she was overcome with joy and relief. She exclaimed how her hard work has finally paid off and attributed her faith in God and skills development as a government intern at DOLE Apayao as the strengths during the application and evaluation period.

“When I was about to give up on my dreams of working as a public servant, I heard of being an intern at DOLE. I was hopeless and frustrated, but the opportunity was very timely, and it was my incremental to moving my profession forward. Thank you DOLE Apayao!”


end//Daryll B. Ponard with initial report from DOLE-Apayao Field Office (DOLE-AFO)

photo credit to: DOLE-AFO