Baguio City, Benguet – The Department of Labor and Employment – Cordillera Administrative Region (DOLE-CAR) held a meeting on the Family Welfare Program (FWP) with various enterprise representatives and stakeholders at the DOLE-CAR office 2/F conference room, Baguio City on May 24th, 2023.

The FWP is a tripartite effort of the employees, the management, and the government. It is a symbiotic relationship ultimately promoting a contented worker with a balanced life, where they can be productive and efficient for the benefit of the company.

By introducing the concept the worker and family welfare as a key towards workplace productivity and improved worker-management relations, the program can draw corporate support in adopting a family-centered approach in the workplace.

The program similarly endeavors to enhance the well-being of Filipino workers with a potential to enhance the quality of life for employees’ families, leading to three major outcomes:

1. An active FWP can reduce absenteeism and tardiness by addressing the family-related needs and concerns of employees, ensuring they can attend to work regularly and punctually;

2. The FWP can also contribute to lower job turnover rates as employees feel valued and supported, resulting in increased job satisfaction and loyalty. This stability in the workforce can save the company from the costs associated with recruiting and training new employees; and

3. Finally, by prioritizing the well-being of employees’ families, the program can foster positive industrial relations, creating a harmonious and productive work environment.

FWP focuses on ten dimensions consisting of: Reproductive Health and Responsible Parenthood, Education/Gender Equality, Spirituality or Values Formation, Income Generation / Livelihood / Cooperative, Medical Health Care, Nutrition, Environment, Protection, Hygiene and Sanitation, Sports and Leisure, Housing and Transportation.

DOLE-CAR Director Nathaniel V. Lacambra, CESO III, noted that the Family Welfare is a relevant concern especially in the new-normal. He emphasized that a happy worker and safe worker is productive at work.

After the meeting, the member-representatives expressed their willingness to gradually and progressively craft and implement the FWPs in their respective establishments.


end//Daryll B. Ponard with initial report from Kezialeya P. Costales (TC)
LEO III – LIO Designate