The Continuing Labor Education Seminar (CLES) conducted by DOLE aims to increase awareness on workers and employers rights and responsibilities, work ethics, values and skills to contribute in fostering a more cooperative labor-management relations and the attainment of decent and productive work.

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The Department of Labor and Employment Kalinga Field Office (DOLE-KFO) conducted a labor education seminar participated by 26 representatives from various establishments within the province. Attendees from industries ranging from pharmacies, constructions firms, food establishments, hardware and retail stores among others joined the event at the Davidson Hotel, Bulanao, Tabuk City, Kalinga. Senior Labor and Employment Officer Emmanuel Barcellano, spearheaded the educational session focusing on labor discussions relevant to these enterprises.

Sr. LEO Barcellano in his initial presentation emphasized on the proper approach when dealing with employees and their work-related concerns. He provided strategies in maintaining good employer-employee relationships which results to higher motivation, involvement and productivity. He encouraged the management to come up with an incentivizing scheme that may be based on employee productivity and business performance.

For the employers, he stated that while management prerogatives are conferred as a matter of right, it is not absolute as these must conform to existing labor laws, rules, and regulations. As such, the right of the management to exercise its personnel and operational discretion is given much respect so long as these actions are done in good faith.

On the other hand, the basic rights of the employees including statutory monetary benefits must be upheld. Sr. LEO Barcellano highlighted on the humane working conditions of the employees, particularly on Republic Act No. 11058 otherwise known as “An Act Strengthening Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof”, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations under Department Order 198-18. These guidelines underscores the protection of workers and the general public against accidents, sicknesses and similar unforeseen events that may lead to injuries or loss of life-which outweighs any pecuniary loss.

A briefer on the right of the employees to termination and security of tenure, which extends to all types of employees, must be preserved across all workplaces. Mr. Barcellano firmly explained that those engaged under a limited duration of employment shall similarly enjoy the protection of the law for as long as their contract is in effect. Furthermore, employees may not be terminated except for just or authorized causes as provided for by the Labor Code of the Philippines. Even then, the “twin-notice rule” is indispensable so that the substantive and procedural rights of the employees are observed at all stages of termination.

Part and parcel on the discussion of General Labor Standards Laws and pertinent Department orders, issuances, and advisories was a comparative overview of the old vis-à-vis  the new Expanded Maternity Leave benefit. Similarly, a primer on Republic Act 9208 of 2003, as amended by RA 10364 or the Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012 (AIR-TIP) Act was provided.

Attendees’ feedback were overwhelmingly positive, with may expressing earnest appreciation to the speaker and to the Labor Department’s continued efforts towards industrial peace.


end//Daryll Ponard with initial report from DOLE-KFO