BAGUIO CITY– The Department of Labor and Employment-Cordillera Administrative Region (DOLE-CAR) lifted the Work Stoppage Order (WSO) issued to the contractor of SM Baguio after complying with the safety requirements ordered installed.

DOLE-Assistant Regional Director Jesus Elpidio Atal, Jr. said the Regional Office lifted the WSO of SM expansion project on Thursday after the contractor, New Golden City Builders and Development Corporation (NGCB) had complied with the violation of the Safety and Health Standards and existence of Imminent Danger.

DOLE-CAR on May 11 issued a stop work order that lasted for six days on the construction of the expansion building of SM-Baguio mall that was found to be posing an imminent danger in the lives of the workers and the public.

DOLE Technical Safety Inspectors (TSIs) Ernest Germaine Quimson and Rodel Dumlao conducted a routine inspection two weeks ago at the ongoing expansion project of SM City Baguio located at Luneta Hill, Upper Session Road, Baguio City and observed that workers have a risk of falling from the scaffolding due to lack of barricades or barriers installed in the area.

Also, it was also observed by inspectors that lifelines and harness that would prevent the workers from falling off are not properly anchored and if they are, they are not anchored on higher elevations of the construction site. It was also observed that some of the construction workers were not provided with harness and in some areas there are no signage’s to warn people of the possible of objects falling from the construction.

After the issuance of the WSO, the contractor complied with the safety requirements and immediately installed barricades to prevent objects from falling and catch boards where falling objects would be catched. The constructor had also installed a tent as temporary barrier while waiting for the delivery of the permanent barrier and catch boards.

On May 15, NGCB submitted proof of compliance such as photo documentations, narrative reports and action plans, which led to the DOLE’s lifting of the stop work order.

With the lifting of the order, NGCB was also required to submit action plans specifically on testing of heavy equipment and conduct re-orientation of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) standards to all workers and also have to submit risk analysis and Safe System of Works (SSOW) for all the activities in the project as well as come up with emergency response and rescue programs.

END/Patrick T Rillorta.