The DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program (DILP) will forever impact the lives not only of the immediate beneficiaries but even the loved ones whom they support.

For Ms. Felyrose Mangonong, a sewer/ seamstress from Sta. Marcela, Apayao, the livelihood grant helped her child to finish a course in Agriculture. It also served as the main source of income for her family.

Since 2016, Ms. Mangonong operates a single sewing machine in a dressmaking shop in her house at barangay Malekkeg, Sta. Marcela, Apayao. She was able to cater to a few customers every day.

As COVID-19 spread, she was granted by the DOLE through the DOLE-Apayao Field Office (DOLE-AFO) an additional sewing machine to aid her economic endeavor.

During the pandemic, she received an increasing number of clients from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), the Philippine National Police (PNP), the Department of Education (DepEd), personnel from the Local Government Unit (LGU), and other walk-in clients.

Ms. Mangonong continued to receive bulk orders so she decided to purchase another sewing machine, and add six (6) sewers/dressmakers to work with her on a rotational schedule.

The additional staff expressed their gratitude for the additional finances they received. They claim that the funds which the business generates will benefit their respective families as well.

In an interview, Ms. Mangonong stated that the livelihood assistance greatly helped with their daily basic needs, the education of her child, and the people she has included in the business.

She also claims that she feels happy to provide quality clothes-making and repair services for her clients. She expresses her gratitude to the DOLE-CAR and the assistance which elevated her business to what it is today.

She recalls how her livelihood started as a pebble in a pond, and how her unending industriousness and love of the craft, she created a ripple of blessings for family and those around her.

With her growing economic endeavor, Ms. Mangonong looks at a being brighter, more impactful contributor to the community.


end//Daryll B. Ponard with an initial report from DOLE-Apayao Field Office
photo credit to: DOLE-Apayao Field Office