Bangued, Abra – The Department of Labor and Employment Cordillera Administrative Region (DOLE-CAR), headed by Mr. Christopher Tugadi of the Abra Field Office (DOLE-AFO), awarded livelihood items in the form of a piggery project to two guardians of child laborers (CL) from Pilar, Abra last September 30, 2021.

“In line with the Department’s advocacy to have a child-labor free community, in which our ultimate goal is to remove children from exploitative or hazardous child labor, we distribute Kabuhayan Starter Kits to two grandparents/guardians of child laborers who were profiled this year,” remarked Mr. Tugadi.

Each of the grandparents were granted with a small piggery project worth P19, 966.00. The beneficiaries received the funds in the form of piglets, feeds, and other materials used for their hog-raising business.

Prescila Bautista, the grandmother of one of the beneficiaries, stated “Agyamanak la unay ditoy tulong nga inted ti DOLE para matulungak ditoy apok (I am so grateful for the assistance that was provided by DOLE, so that I may help my grandchild).”

“Sapay kuma ta ada gasat nga mangpadakkel dagitoy baboy, dakkel ti maitulong kanyami. Agyaman kami ti DOLE (We hope that we can raise well these pigs, this will will help us a lot. Thank you DOLE),” expressed Mrs. imelda Guzman, a grandmother of one of the beneficiaries.

More than 20 parents or guardians of child laborers have received their Kabuhayan Starter Kits from DOLE-AFO. The DOLE-AFO utilized a total amount of P439,286.00 to assist the parents or guardians of the profiled child laborers.

The program-assistance is through the DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program (DILP) which provides grant assistance for capacity building on livelihood and entrepreneurial ventures for vulnerable and marginalized workers. 10% of the total livelihood fund is allocated to assist parents of child laborers.

Mr. Tugadi added that, “With this kind of intervention, the parents of child laborers may now secure additional income so that they can provide the basic needs of their families. We hope that this livelihood project, they will no longer rely on sending their children to work, but send them to school for proper education instead.”

As of September 30, there are 536 profiled cases of child laborers in the province of Abra. More than 300 of the profiled CLs have been referred to the appropriate agencies for assistance or intervention.


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