“Always remember that there is no success without hardship. For the youth, always prioritize education. Poverty is not a hindrance. Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) is a viable option. Never stop hoping; never stop dreaming because if you do, you will be waving success. The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity. Be one of the SPES Beneficiaries and hope for the best“ a powerfull statement of Hon. Mayor Patrocinio Abaya, Jr. of Lagangilang, Abra.

For Elyzer, Maica, Joselle, and Novie, summer is an opportunity to learn important life skills while earning money. An opportunity they get from the SPES as beneficiaries.

Elyzer Alvarez Gandeza, a youth of Barangay Tagodtod, was part of the 2016 and 2017 batches of SPES in Lagangilang. Through SPES, he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Information Technology at Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology (ASSIST), Main Campus.

According to him, SPES help the youth specially in training them to become good employees. As SPES baby, he was a computer troubleshooter and acted as team leader during the conduct of CBMS profiling of the LGU.

With his good attributes, Mayor Abaya hired him immediately after his graduation in 2018. Now he is one of the MPDC staff, the Tech4Ed Center Manager and one of the KC-NCDDP staff.

He never expected that as a SPES Beneficiary, he will become an employee of LGU Lagangilang. The SPES program helped him reach his success and apply what he had learned and met what he had hoped for.

Novie Bernardino Tacis of Barangay San Isidro is a 2016-2017 SPES beneficiary. According to her, the SPES program offers a lot of help to the youth by giving them an opportunity to earn a living for their schooling.

She used her salary in paying her tuition and miscellaneous fees. SPES became her instrument to pursue her studies. She always kept in mind that the SPES experiences prepared her for a brighter future.

Just this April she graduated CUMLAUDE with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education, Major in Biological Science at ASSIST.

For Maica Bernardino Tacis, of Barangay San Isidro, and Joselle M. Jaquias from Barangay Aguet, being a SPES beneficiary from 2017 to 2019, taught them to give their best.

They recently graduated with honors with a degree in Humanities and Social Sciences. They believed that their success was due to the SPES program. SPES taught them to pursue their dreams and to not to give up. That in life there are so many struggles. There are so many opportunities that can be helpful to every individual just like the SPES program.

“Undoubtedly, SPES offers a lot of help to the youth of Lagangilang not only financial but also moral lessons. More than providing students with experience while earning income, SPES provides an opportunity to mold the character of the youth. It is a great training ground for the students in becoming better working citizens” Ms. Elizabeth Bruno, PESO Coordinator of the LGU said.

“Continuously we will make SPES an active program in the LGU because, at an early age, the youth will be able to understand how to serve other people, hone their talents and skills and learn how to render service to people”, Ms. Bruno further said.

END/GGL from the report of  Elizabeth Bruno / Christopher Tugadi.